Healer’s Ruin: a map

The Kingdom of the Riln lies to the north, across the ocean. A land as rich in bounty as it is in mystery, this marks the last great dominion lying between the Ten Plains King and control of the Spine of the World.

From the frayed beaches of Gollinor Bay to splendid Aphazail, the Kingdom of the Riln is stalwartly defended by its people. But the army of the Ten Plains King is vast, employing terrific sorcery and martial prowess in equal measure.

None have stood long against this army. The Riln are doomed to fall. But not, it seems, without a fight.

Into this steps Chalos the Healer. He doesn’t carry a sword and has never killed anyone. But what he can do is knit together the wounds of war, drag the dying back to their feet, reassemble smashed bones and repair severed veins.

But it is not just bodies that are ravaged by battle. And things are never as simple as they seem.

Healers Ruin Map

Map by Chris O’Mara and Tristan Roberts


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