Picturing the Protagonists: Samine

Tristan envisioned the Dread Spear as a blend of the tough and the beautiful. I love the romantic style of her features here. Here she is, conjuring a ball of flame. Because that’s how she rolls.

The Dread Spear: Samine

Samine by Tristan Roberts.jpg

Samine was leaning forward in the saddle, driving her shadamar hard towards the Tarukaveri. Her right arm was extended, fingers contorted into a claw from which came a violet light that splashed and spilled into the air with an unnatural crackle until it focused into a tight beam. Then, with a graceful movement that reminded Chalos of a violinist sawing a bow – slowly, even languorously, but with meticulous control – she guided the beam into the enemy.”

Another Rovann pressed into service in the invading army of the Ten Plains King, Samine is a Dread Spear – a battle-mage skilled in the conjuring and control of sorcerous flame. Tough, wily and confident, she’s keen to show her comrades what she can do, but she’s no fool. When the plot thickens, she’s one step ahead of the rest.


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