Healer’s Ruin



Well, alright! Healer’s Ruin is up on Amazon (click here for the US store).

So now you can join Chalos the Healer’s expedition into the mysterious Kingdom of the Riln, and experience some serious peril in the company of Mysa Tundra-shadow, Samine the Dread Spear and Jolm of the Twisted Root. If your boots don’t wear out, you’ll come across ancient gods, brutal warriors, creepy elites, quirky sidekicks, desperate duels, haunted ruins, giant death-machines and a cocky kid with a magic sword who just might be the Healer’s nemesis.

But I’ve already said too much, and the King’s guardsmen are already here… so make haste and caste a Spell of Purchasing before doom finds us all!


If you happen to have a review site, give me a shout at chrisomarawrites@hotmail.com and I can send you a review copy. But I can’t do anything about the guardsmen.