Chapter Surgeries

“Chris knows how to pinpoint the critical needs of the chapter to maximize the revision process. Attentive to both the technical grammar and mechanics of the story as well as its plot and characters, Chris delivers on his promise of surgery.” — Angela S., Los Angeles

Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to see how best to improve a piece of writing. With these Chapter Surgeries I’ll work with you to explore the methods you can use to make your prose sing.

I’m a BA Honours graduate of the University of Kent where I studied English and American Literature. Having written poetry, prose and various articles, and with experience in proofreading, editing, copywriting and transcription, I have a fair idea how to get a point across in an effective way. My novel ‘Healer’s Ruin’ is out in paperback and as an ebook so if you want to judge the merits of my own writing, it’s available here. If you have access to the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library, you can browse through it for free. Then, if you think I’m qualified to help you, get in touch.

To take part in the Chapter Surgery, you can send me either a short story or a chapter of your work in progress. If there’s a deadline, say a submission date for a competition, do let me know so I can get my notes back to you in time.

I’ll take a close look at the piece, and will probably ask you a few questions too, just to get a feel of what you’re looking to achieve with the writing. Then I’ll provide an in-depth critique. I won’t just proofread or nit-pick. I’ll focus on the strengths of the material too, and look at how to build on those strengths and sharpen up the overall execution. Usually the observations I make will be applicable across the whole work, improving dialogue, scene-setting, characterisation, and so on.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the Chapter Surgery is $20 (£15 if you’re in the UK), payable through PayPal. However, feel free to discuss changes to these rates based on the length of the submission and how much attention the piece requires.

What can I send?

Fantasy and science fiction, mainly, but I have a weakness for poetry too.

How should I get in contact?

My email address is but it’s best to find me on Facebook, and message me. That way we can discuss the details of the task at hand.

Are you good enough to help me?

I’d like to think so, yes. But then, I would say that.

Are rates flexible?

They are indeed.

Will you share details about my work?

Nope. Whatever you send, and whatever pen-name you may be using, will remain confidential.

I look forward to hearing from you, and happy writing.