Healer’s Ruin – Read the Prologue

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“Brilliant tale of battle, hardship and anguish!” – Amazon Review

Some like to run full-blooded into adventure. Others like to scry from a distance. There is a certain nobility of spirit to be found in both approaches.

The decisive may lunge into uncertain terrain, Traveler, and find things for which they were not prepared… but they may also catch their enemies wavering in dangerous uncertainty.

The thoughtful weigh up their options, appraise both the dangers and the opportunities. But if they are not careful, they may find that by the time they reach their goal, the opportunities are fewer, the enemies more prepared.

There is wisdom in each of these approaches, yes. Doubtless the fierce expert warriors of the Black Talon Krune favour the former. But the slingers, those mages in whom the Ten Plains King places so much faith, like to know what’s coming. Who’s to say which is the right way?

I suppose we need to wait until the dust settles, and the skulls stop rolling, to work that out.

In any case, if you want to taste the dangers of this world before commiting yourself to a voyage, you can read a PDF of the prologue by clicking the link below. I hope you enjoy it.


Healer’s Ruin by Chris O’Mara – Prologue

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