Other paths

Adventurer, here are some cool places for you to visit. Just don’t get bogged down with side quests.

The Library of Erana – the lovely website of fantasy author Alexandra Butcher, “A place of words, wordsmiths and word devourers, a haven of magic, myth and mayhem”.

The Grim Tidings Podcast – loads of great shows, loads of amazing guests. “Your podcast for dark genre fiction.”

Heroic Fantasy Writers – Walter Rhein’s website, crammed with links to fantasy novels! Do join the fb group.

Jidaan.com – Whit McClendon’s website

The gorgeous website of Ken Byers.

Hidden in the Stacks – fantasy book reviews blog

The site of author, designer and video editor Cynthia Vespia.


More Fellow Scribes:

The works of M.S. Olney

Thousand Scars – gaming and writing

5th Worlde Sagas


Raeanne G. Roy’s wordpress blog

Peter J. Larrivee’s website

Jean E. Dvorak

Worldsmiths World of Writing

Faeries, Dragons, and Spaceships

Watch the trailer for The Averaine Cycle by Morgan Smith

Ronald J. Rossman Jr

Stanley S. Thornton

Travis I. Sivart, Storyteller

Michael Dellert’s Adventures in Indie Publishing

Charles McGarry’s Eccentryc Dragon Press

J. S. Brown

Realms of Valen

Exercising my Write

The website of Kindra Sowder

The website of Alesha Escobar

The website of Paul Atreides

The website of Christopher George

Dave Robertson

T. E. Mark

Irina Shapiro




If you’ve got a cool fantasy or science fiction-related site, email me and I’ll add you to the list!